This Manual of Style dictates how all users must edit this wiki.

Layout guide Edit

For chapters, use Template:Chapter.

Characters Edit

Naming Edit

Character articles are named by precedence:

  1. Character has a name, i.e. Mendanbar
  2. Character has a rank or title, i.e. King of Linderwall
  3. Character has a relationship, i.e. Cimorene's lady-in-waiting
  4. Character has no name, i.e. Unnamed frog

Category Edit

This wiki uses three levels of character categorization with several special categories. The three main categories are as follows:

  1. Category:Main characters - Appear across more than one book.
  2. Category:Supporting characters - Appear across more than one chapter.
  3. Category:Minor characters - Only appear in one chapter or in two chapters but

Characters must also be categorized by properties, i.e.:

And finally, a character must be categorized based on which book(s) that character appears in:

Structure Edit

Every character should abide by this outline when applicable, except when so little information on a character exists that a simple paragraph suffices.

  1. Introduction (does not have a section header and contains no spoilers)
  2. Image and infobox (if applicable)
  3. Appearance
  4. Personality
  5. History (i.e. what happened before the series)
  6. Summary by book
  7. See Also
  8. References

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