Cimorene (mother), Mendanbar (father), Mendanbar's father (grandfather), King of Linderwall (grandfather), Queen of Linderwall (grandmother), Cimorene's sisters (aunts)


Tall, black hair.




Kazul, Morwen, Shiara.

Daystar is the child of Mendanbar and Cimorene, thus making him the Crown Prince of the Enchanted Forest.


Daystar was brought up in total secrecy and doesn't know of his heratige. When, at 16, Antorell comes to 'visit', he is very confused as to what is going on. He learned quite a bit of history, and even a little magic, though, in his own words,

"I have no idea where mother learned dragon magic." He grew up on the edge of the Enchanted Forest. He is born in the end of the 3rd book, but by the 4th book is 16, and thus old enough to fufill his destiny and save Mendenbar, his father. He never knew his father until the day Mendanbar was brought back from a 'room' in which he had been trapped.

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